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Death Row Facts

Number on Death Row: 48
Numbers Breakdown: 47 males and 1 female
22 White, 25 African Americans, 1 Asian

Where are they from?
34 offenders are from the largest metropolitan counties:
Shelby (24), Davidson (5), Knox (4), and Hamilton (1)

10 offenders were convicted in East Tennessee
9 offenders were convicted in Middle Tennessee
29 offenders were convicted in West Tennessee

Oldest on Death Row:
Oscar Smith, 3/25/50, 71 years old
Convicted in Shelby County
On Death Row since July 1990

Only Female on Death Row:
Christa Pike, 3/10/76, 45 years old
Convicted in Knox County
On Death Row since March 1996

Youngest Male on Death Row:
Urshawn Miller, 1/06/89, 32 years old
Convicted in Madison County
On Death Row since March 2018

Longest Time on Death Row:
Larry McKay, 2/26/56, 65 years old and Michael Sample, 5/23/56, 65 years old
Convicted in Shelby County
On Death Row since February 1983

Last Person Sentenced to Death Row:
Steven Wiggins, 12/19/1986, 34 years old
Convicted in Dickson County
On Death Row since August 2021

Male offenders are housed at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville. Female offenders sentenced to death are housed at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center in Nashville.

The following number of offenders have multiple death sentences: seven offenders with two death sentences, four offenders with three death sentences and one offender with six death sentences.

Click here to view a list of offenders currently on death row.