Mark Luttrell Transition Center

Superintendent Taurean James

Superintendent Taurean James

6000 State Road

Memphis, Tennessee 38134

(Shelby County)

(901) 372-2080


The mission of the Mark Luttrell Transition Center (MLTC) is to enhance public safety by providing offenders with a supportive living environment and evidence-based transitional services.  The offenders, who will be referred to as residents, will have the opportunity to develop the social skills, employment skills and self-discipline necessary to successfully reenter society.  This facility is a transition center for male residents and has an operating capacity of 454 residents.

Residents have phase-based programming focusing on cognitive and behavioral care, education and job skills.  Phase I consists of a class structured environment.  Phase II offers expanded programming, however, the residents will be required to maintain a job inside the facility.  After successfully completing Phase I & II, the residents move on to Phase III where they will maintain a job in the community and residence at MLTC until they are granted parole or expire their sentence.

Research shows a transitioned approach to reentry along with evidence-based programming and job skill development greatly improves an offender's chance of successful reentry.  Those who are gainfully employed following their release from prison are significantly less likely to re-offend, resulting in fewer tax dollars being spent on incarceration and safer communities.