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Find COVID-19 Information and Resources
Due to the impact of COVID-19 & recent CDC recommendations regarding travel, visitation will not be held for the Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday and Friday) at BCCX, MCCX, MLTC, & TCIX. Click here for FAQ's & Guidelines for Reopening Visitation & Volunteer Services at BCCX, MCCX, MLTC, and TCIX - Visitation will not be available for offenders housed in Unit 28 at BCCX - Visitation at these four sites is by appointment only.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 - Visitation Is Currently Suspended At All Prisons, except BCCX, MCCX, MLTC, and TCIX.
TDOC Inmates COVID-19 Testing

Media Requests

The Communications Division supports the agency's mission by using various media methods to increase communication with all stakeholders so they gain a greater understanding and positive impression of TDOC.  This includes all internal and external stakeholders for the department.

For assistance with the gathering of information that relates to the Tennessee Department of Correction, please feel free to contact the Communications office.   The recommended way to reach us is by email.  We have provided our contact information below:

Dorinda Carter


Communications Director

Dorinda Carter

Office:  (615) 253-8144

Cell:  (629) 204-2377

Faith Seifuddin, Middle Tennessee PIO


Middle Tennessee PIO

Faith Seifuddin

Office:  (615) 253-8151

Cell:  (629) 395-0360 

East Tennessee PIO Robert Reburn


East Tennessee PIO

Robert Reburn

Cell:  (615) 920-3361 

West Tennessee PIO, Tylee Tracer


West Tennessee PIO

Tylee Tracer

Cell:  (629) 215-0284 

If your inquiry pertains to multiple regions, feel free to send an email to

Tennessee State Penitentiary

The Tennessee State Penitentiary is closed to the public.  Due to the conditions of the buildings, we do not allow inside access for tours, photos or paranormal activities.

If you are interested in exterior photos, check our website often and follow us on Facebook for future events.  Public events held at this site are a great opportunity to get those great shots, take on a 5K and also help us to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee.

At this time, there are no events scheduled.