Knoxville Probation Parole Officers Deliver Christmas Gifts

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 | 12:59pm

KNOXVILLE – For several TDOC Probation Parole Officers today was not just another day in the office. That’s because these officers spent the day driving all over Knoxville delivering Christmas gifts for those in need.  The group was led by Officer Kim Kriplean.  In his role as Employment Specialist and Community Services Supervisor, Kriplean has made numerous contacts within the religious and non-profit communities.  For the past four years, he’s worked with the Knoxville Chapter of Toys for Tots to gather and deliver gifts to those organizations who in turn give them to needy children.

This year the Knoxville Probation Parole Officers made deliveries to St. James Episcopal Church, Focus Group Ministries, Shannondale Healthcare Center and Austin’s Steak and Buffet for their Angel Tree.  More than 200 gifts were delivered by these unconventional elves.

“The kids; it’s all for the kids,” Kriplean says about the gifts.  “We’ve got a lot of families in this area that work hard but still can’t quite get far enough ahead to provide their children with presents.  It's not their fault and it’s certainly not the children’s fault.  But if we have an opportunity to help, then we should.  And that’s what we did today.”


(Left - Gifts being delivered to Focus Ministries; Right - Gifts being delivered to St. James Episcopal Church)