Parole Technical Violators Diversion Program

Photo of Entrance Sign for Turney Center Industrial Complex Annex

Located at the Turney Center Industrial Complex - Annex - Wayne County Site

The Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation in 2006 permitting a collaborative effort between the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) and the Tennessee Board of Parole (BOP). This effort allows both agencies to better serve parole technical violators and provide public safety. Under the program, a parolee who has violated the conditions of his parole, but has not committed a new felony, can have their parole revoked and granted in the same action. The grant (release on parole supervision) is contingent upon successful completion of a six-month program at the Turney Center Industrial Complex Annex.

Under the Parole Technical Violator Diversion Program (PTVDP), violators are transferred from a diagnostic center to the annex. Participants either work on a community service crew or attend GED classes during the day and complete treatment programs in the evening, with no "downtime" during the six-month program. The community service work crew helps the participant establish good work habits and the treatment programs in the evening address issues such as substance use and cognitive behavior modification. When the violator nears completion of the program, the parole officer is notified that the parolee will be returning to the community and a release plan is prepared.

Candidates for the PTVDP are selected by the Tennessee Board of Parole at a revocation hearing.

A Probation Technical Violators Diversion Program is also available at the annex.  The program is similar to the Parole Technical Violators Division Program.