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Site Directions: From I-40, exit 148, travel south on Hwy 50 for 10.5 miles and make a left on S. Smithfield Rd.  After turning onto S. Smithfield Rd, MTSU WMA begins after approximately 0.5 miles on the right side of the road.

As you travel down the road, stay right when the road splits and at 2.3 miles there is an old logging road with small pull off as the road bends to the left.

At 3.5 miles from Hwy 50, you find a large metal pavilion on the right with stream access. 

Lat-Long: 35.80607, -87.57236. Logging road trail

Lat-Long: 35.80127, -87.55837, pavilion

Hours: daylight hours

Seasonality: year-round

Fees: none

Site Description: Primarily second-growth oak-hickory hardwood forests cover the 995 acres of MTSU WMA. Valleys have running water in wet times.  Hunting is allowed.

The pavilion parking area is small but provides access to a small stream that when flowing is quite lovely.  When water levels are moderate, it is quite a nice waterfall.

The logging road trail travels downhill for several hundred meters into the valley.  The hike is moderate on the way back uphill, but quite pleasant on cool days.

Spring migration is a nice time to view migrant birds and some quiet woods.  Quite a pleasant hike in April when wildflowers are blooming and the white dogwood is in flower.

Wildlife to Watch: Woodland birding is generally good across the WMA.

Moderate amounts of midstory and understory vegetation provide habitat for ground and shrub nesting birds such as Ovenbird, Worm-eating Warbler and Kentucky Warbler.

Other woodland birds that can be in season include Wood Thrush, Northern Parula, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Great Crested Flycatcher, and Summer Tanager.

Cerulean Warbler maybe found as a migrant is mid- to late April.

Field Sparrows are in the scrub under the power line on the way to the WMA.

Wildflowers abound in season in spring and can be seen from the logging road hiking trail.

NOTE:  Some areas are used for recreational purposes.  Please use these links before visiting the location.


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