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Watts Bar WMA - Thief Neck Island Unit

Site Directions: Thief Neck Island, Watts Bar River Mile 555 

Directions to lake access: From US 70 in Kingston, take Hwy 58 south 3.6 miles to River Road (Hwy 304).

Turn right and follow River Road along the eastern shore.

Also, from Rockwood, take US 27/ Hwy 29 south to Spring City for access to the western shore.

Thief Neck Marina is reached via Valley and Winton Chapel Roads.

Lat: 35.81045°N Long: -84.66071°W

Hours: day light hours

Seasonality: year-round

Fees: none

More Info: Tennessee WMAs

Site Description: Island access via boat only.

Wildlife to Watch: In spring and summer, Osprey are common nesting birds across the lake.  They nest on poles and structures and can be viewed best by boat; however please keep a safe distance from nesting pairs to avoid disturbing them and their young.

In winter, waterfowl and Bald Eagles are common.

Great Blue HeronBlack-crowned Night-heronDouble-crested Cormorant, Cattle Egret, and Great Egret nest on islands in the lake.

White-tailed deerraccoonmuskratfox, and coyote are common around the lake.

NOTE:  Be sure to check out our Safety Tips page for important information regarding viewing wildlife in these areas.