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Tennessee River Park and Chickamauga Dam

Site Directions: From I-75 N, take Highway 153 N; exit at Amnicola Highway, turn left (west); take first road to the right (marked TVA) to go to the dam; continuing towards dam the road splits to the right for the powerhouse or left to get below the dam.

The beaver pond is on the left before reaching the dam. The Tennessee Riverpark may be accessed from below the dam, or there are two Riverpark exits off Amnicola Highway.

Chickamauga Dam - Lat: 35.10491°N Long: -85.2293°W 

Hours: daylight hours

Seasonality: year round

Fees: none

Site Description: The Tennessee River Park stretches 1.65 miles along the east side of the river below Chickamauga Dam. It features playgrounds, picnic areas and fishing piers, along with a paved Riverwalk for walking, bicycling, or rollerblading. 

Wildlife to Watch: 
Peregrine Falcons nested on the railroad bridge from 1997-2006, except 2000 and 2001, only the second nesting of this species in Tennessee in 50 years. They may be seen on the railroad towers or on wires over the water.

On the way to the dam, a fenced-in beaver pond can be viewed at a distance. It contains a heron rookery as well as Wood Ducks and other waterfowl. Yellow Warblers and Eastern Kingbirds are among the nesting species.

Raptors often perch on the high steel towers.

In winter, large numbers of Ring-billed, Herring, and Bonaparte's Gulls may be seen near the spillways or on the lake above the dam, and many sparrows may be found in the riverside brush and grassy meadows. Common Loons are also seen in winter.

NOTE:  Some areas are used for recreational purposes.  Please use these links before visiting the location.

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