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2019-20 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide Now Available

Tennessee Webless Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations


Season Dates

Species Opens Closes  Daily Bag
Dove1 Sept. 1
Oct. 12 
Dec. 8 
Sept. 28
Nov. 3
Jan. 15
Woodcock1 Nov. 9 Dec. 1 3
Wilson Snipe1 Nov. 14 Feb. 28 8
Crow June 1 - Aug. 18

No Limit


Oct. 5 -  Jan. 1
(no day restriction)
Moorhen and Gallinule1 Sept. 1 Nov. 9 15
Virginia and Sora Rail1 Sept. 1 Nov. 9 25
  1. Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit required (Hunting Guide page 8)
  2. No limit on Eurasian collared doves; however, any doves not readily identifiable as Eurasian collared doves will be considered mourning doves and count towards the mourning dove daily bag and possession limits.
  3. The possession limit is three (3) times the daily limit for all migratory game birds, except opening day when it shall be the same as the daily bag limit, and the second day of the season when it shall be twice the daily bag limit, and except for crows which have no limit.