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Meeman Shelby Forest WMA Waterfowl Pool Drawings

Special Rules & Regulations

  • Hunters selected for a pool/blind site may bring up to four additional hunters. No more than five hunters per pool or blind. No pool may be hunted unless a hunter selected for that assigned pool and date is present.

    All hunters must possess:
    • A valid blind conformation number issued by TWRA or be accompanied by a hunter that has a valid confirmation number
    • A picture identification
    • All appropriate license and permits
  • Hunters may leave in place decoys and a temporary blind at their blind site during their assigned hunt date, but must remove all decoys and blind materials at the end of their last hunt date.
  • Waterfowl hunting ends at 3:00 p.m. each day of the hunt.
  • Driving or disturbing waterfowl by the use of motorized vehicle is a federal violation and violators will be prosecuted.

Any violation of rules and regulations will result in prosecution and cancelation of the hunt.

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park WMA Frequently Asked Questions

  • All quota permits are issued by computer drawing (beginning with the 2014-15 season).   Check TWRA’s website for specific Application Dates for the computer drawing (typically in September); the drawing is held in October.
  • Persons who draw a quota permit are required to return to TWRA, a “Notice of Intent” card indicating they do plan to hunt their assigned pool/blind site.   If the “Notice of Intent” card is not received by TWRA by the specified date, that pool/blind site will be considered VACANT and your permit will become invalid.   
  • Any vacant pool/blind sites will be reallocated by a handheld drawing.   Check the TWRA website for the number of available quota permits; the drawing will be held at the State Park behind the swimming pool in the recreation lodge.  Check the Waterfowl Hunting Guide for each year’s drawing date.
  • No pool/ blind site may be hunted unless a hunter selected for that pool/blind site and date is present and has on their person a valid Blind Confirmation Number issued by TWRA.
  • Quota permit holders may bring up to four (4) additional hunting guests. No more than five (5) hunters are allowed per pool/ blind site. All hunters must have a photo ID and all appropriate licenses and permits.
  • Hunting closes at 3:00 pm (local time) each day (except the last day of each segment of the duck season, when hunting ends at official sunset).


  • I have a Quota Permit, am I also required to have a State Park Hunting Permit in order to hunt?

YES- Permits are FREE and available through the Visitor Center (901-876-5215, open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily).

  • Where can I find directions and information about individual impoundments?

More information, including maps, access information, available cover, and detailed directions can be found in the Quota Hunt section portion of the Tennessee Waterfowl Quide

  • Can ATV’s be used to access hunt pools?

No ATVs are allowed.   A boat is needed to reach blinds 1-5 and blinds 6-9 are foot-access only.

  • I have hunted here in previous years; will the water level be similar to past years?   

Not necessarily, all sites are located in a natural swamp that is fed by rainfall runoff and also influenced by Mississippi River water level.   Some sites may be completely dry for periods of time.

  • Can decoys be set out prior to my first hunt day (the afternoon or night before)?

NO, decoys may not be set out until the first morning of the hunt. However, for multi-day hunts, decoys may be left out until the last day of the hunt.

  • Can we use motorized decoys (robo-ducks)?

YES What is the key to having a successful hunt? The most important factor for a successful hunt is coming prepared to camouflage yourself and your gear from the birds. Hide yourself!!

  • Is scouting allowed prior to my hunt day? NO, quota permit holders and their guests are only allowed on site during the dates listed on their permit.

Are there places to stay nearby? Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park has several cabins and campsites that can be rented; call the Visitor Center (901-876-5215) for information. Also, the city of Millington is about 15 minutes away, and there are a few hotels located on HWY 51.