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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Boating Ramps & Access

Tennessee’s lakes and rivers and the access areas controlled by the TWRA will remain open to anglers and recreational boaters.

Following the Governor’s Executive Order, the TN Fish and Wildlife Commission has authorized Agency personnel to temporarily forgive those whose boats aren’t registered because of county office closures and the need to pay taxes on new boats.  As such, it is advised that you keep a photocopy of your bill of sale in your vessel until such time that clerks reopen and taxes may be paid.  This will allow you to present proof of ownership to an officer should you be stopped.
Tennessee Boating Ramps and Access

Tennessee Boating Ramps Interactive Map

TWRA Updates and Closures due to COVID-19

Search the list of Boat Ramps controlled by the TWRA

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