Academic Program Inventory - TN Public Universities

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission maintains the historical Academic Program Inventories (APIs) for public higher education institutions in the state. A searchable database containing a comprehensive listing of all active diploma, certificate, and degree programs offered by Tennessee public universities, community colleges, and Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology can be found here.

Tennessee Public Universities

Below are the most current APIs for Tennessee's public universities.  A detailed explanation of the reports and CIP code classification can be found here. The reports available include:

  • Comprehensive Report: All active academic programs including degree level, concentrations, credit hours, approval dates, and other key information.
  • Summary Report: Condensed listing of all active academic programs by degree level.
  • Phased-Out Programs: All awards in the process of being phased-our or terminated by the institution. Depending on where a program is in the phase-out process, individuals may still receive the degree credential, but no new students may enroll in the program. 

Dates provided indicate when the API was last updated.