Spring 2024 THEC Commission Meeting

Please note: This meeting will be conducted permitting member participation by electronic or other means of communication.

Spring Quarterly Meeting
Nashville Room - Third Floor, William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L Parks Ave., Nashville, TN 
Combined Meeting Materials
(PDF) | Video Recoding
May 16, 2024, 9:00 a.m. CDT

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda

Public Comment

Approval of Minutes: January 25, 2024, Winter Quarterly Meeting

Chair’s Report

Executive Director’s Report

Consent Calendar

I. Postsecondary State Authorization (Action Item)

A. Authorization of New Institutions

B. Optional Expedited Authorization

II. Off-Campus Centers (Action Item)

A. University of Tennessee, Martin – Springfield Center

B. University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, College of Pharmacy – Knoxville Center

C. University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, College of Pharmacy – Nashville Center

D. Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Chattanooga – Hamilton County Jail Center

E. Austin Peay State University – Innovation Academy Center

Regular Calendar

I. 2024-25 Binding Tuition and Fee Ranges (Action Item)

II. New Academic Programs (Action Items)

A. East Tennessee State University – Music, Master of Music (MM)

B. Tennessee State University – Business Data Analytics, Master of Science (MSBDA)

C. Tennessee State University – Public Health, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

D. Tennessee Tech University – Nuclear Engineering, Bachelor of Science (BSNE)

E. University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Data Science, Bachelor of Science (BSDS)

F. University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Applied Artificial Intelligence, Bachelor of Science (BSAAI)

G. University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Innovative Transdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Science (BSITS)

H. University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Environmental Engineering, Bachelor of Science (BS)

III. System Report (Information Item)

IV. Executive Committee Update (Information Item)

V. Legislative Update (Information Item)

VI. Other Business