Design-Build Project - State Route 396


SR 247 (Beechcroft Road) Improvements and SR 396 Saturn Pkwy Extension, Maury County

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DBE Utilization Memo

Contract Awards

Summary Of Bids (Bid Tabs)

Apparent Bid Results

Certification Regarding Subcontractor Bid Quotes (Bidders list)

Conceptual Sign Recommendations

Utility Rainbow Plans

Utility Relocation Contract

Utility Relocation Contract

Utility Relocation Contract

Saturn Parkway RFP 8/31/2017

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Addendum 3

Addendum 4

Addendum 5

Addendum 6

Addendum 7

Final Q&R 12/1/17

Q&R RFP 11/27/17

Noise Technical Report 12/15/17

D-List Categorical Exclusion 15/15/17



DB 1601 QR 11-09-17

DB 1601 QR 9-20-17

PIN 121394.00 Water Quality Permits

PIN 121394.00 Roadway Application

PIN 121394.00 Utility Application

Environmental Boundaries PIN 123399.00

Environmental Boundaries PIN 121394.00

Environmental Boundaries PIN 117319.01

Design Build Short List

Notice to Design-Builders

Q&A Form

Conceptual Layouts with Typical

Triple Crown D-B Connected Projects

Technical Study

Traffic Counts

Q & A RFQ 8-9-2016

Survey Files

DB Geotechnical Documents

CSX Public Project Manual

Existing Structure

Green Sheets

ROW Plans

Categorical Exclusion