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OpenRoads Designer - Geotechnical

Created: November 10, 2020

DISCLAIMER: The following OpenRoads Designer (ORD) videos is for informational use only. The videos do not follow the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) workspace and should only be viewed as an instructional guide to help the user. Users will need to have a Bentley® account in order to view videos.

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This course was previously called "QuickStart Using gINT Civil Tools". gINT Civil tools (Update 2) allows gINT users to load gINT data in 2D models (mapping workflow for drilling plan creation and preliminary studies) as well as in 3D for subsurface interpretation and BIM workflows. In this course you will learn to connect to a gINT project file and display various aspects of the borehole data.

    Select Workspace and Open a File                                                                                                                               02:19

    Learn to properly select a Workspace and create a blank drawing file for your boreholes.

    Review of Product Interface                                                                                                                                           02:15

    A review of the ribbon interface and search capabilities to quickly locate tools.

    Backstage Settings                                                                                                                                                             00:45

    The backstage options are used to set various aspects of how the software operates.

    Connecting to a gINT Project File                                                                                                                                  03:58

    In this exercise you will learn to connect to a gINT project file and define how those fields and properties are     mapped to the borehole graphic elements.

    Display Boreholes in the DGN file                                                                                                                                 02:07

    Learn to define how boreholes appear graphically in the 2D view and import boreholes from a gINT project file. You     will also learn to review borehole properties and scale the display of the borehole cells.

    Adding Borehole Annotation                                                                                                                                          02:05

    Learn to Display Borehole Labels.

    Adding Properties to Borehole Cells                                                                                                                            01:42

    Learn to add include additional properties from the gINT project file on the borehole cells. You will also learn to add     a rule to display the borehole cell different when a property matches a specified value.

    Adding a Borehole Symbolization Rule                                                                                                                      01:18

    Learn how to Display Boreholes differently based on a property.

    Reconnect the Database                                                                                                                                                  01:01

    Learn to Reconnect a Disconnected Database.

    Attaching Aerial Imagery                                                                                                                                                 01:41

    Aerial imagery can provide a useful backdrop to show where the borehole data is located. In this exercise you will     learn to attach an aerial image.

    Attaching Terrain Model                                                                                                                                                  00:49

    Learn how to Attach a Terrain Model.

    Adding a New Borehole Location                                                                                                                                 01:12

    Add a new borehole location to a drilling plan with the elevation of the borehole calculated from a terrain model.

    Open a 3D Model                                                                                                                                                                 01:00

    Create a blank model where 3D borehole graphics will be created.

    Display Boreholes in the 3D Model                                                                                                                              03:00

    Learn to Display Borehole Points in 3D, Add Link to PDF Log to each Borehole, and Add Annotation to see Borehole     Names.

    Adjust Appearance of Lithology Cylinders                                                                                                                03:21

    Add a new table definition that connects to the Lithology table in the gINT project file. Then display the boreholes     that include the Lithology data.

    Control Lithology Display Style and Annotation                                                                                                    02:17

    Learn how to Adjust Appearance of Lithology Cylinders and Add Annotation for lithography layers.

    Navigate and Review Boreholes                                                                                                                                   01:35

    Learn to navigate to and review the borehole properties from the borehole graphics.

    Changing Borehole Data Display Using Levels                                                                                                        03:30

    In this exercise you will explore how levels are created when data is imported into gINT Civil Tools. Data imported in     to gINT Civil Tools is created on a level specific to the Identifier. Having a unique level for each identifier creates a     simple workflow for reviewing and evaluating data.

    Changing Color of Borehole Display using Levels                                                                                                   01:39

    Use Level Manager to Change Display Properties.

    Adding Sample Table                                                                                                                                                         02:34

    In this exercise you will change the Data Connection and Mapping query to import the Sample table from the gINT     project file.

    Mapping Additional Properties from Sample Table                                                                                              02:04

    Learn to specify which properties such as sample number, recover length are mapped from the Sample table.

    Adding Water Level Data                                                                                                                                                 02:50

    Learn to import data at a discrete depth such as a Water Level table from the gINT project.

    Create Terrain Model from Water Level Measurements                                                                                     01:46

    Learn to create terrain models from the ATD and AD water level measurements imported from the gINT project file.

    Display Terrain Model Contours                                                                                                                                    01:10

    Learn to display a terrain model in a different color and to show contours.

    Create Meshes from Lithology Data                                                                                                                            01:40

    Learn to create mesh surfaces at the top and bottom of a Lithology layer.

    Create a Cross Section                                                                                                                                                       01:56

    In this video, you will learn how to Create a Cross Section through Lithology layers.

    Create a Fence Diagram                                                                                                                                                   01:15

    Learn how to Create a Fence Diagram.

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