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ORD Frequently Asked Questions

Edited April 27, 2021

Yes, you do need an account with the Connection Client. It will not automatically accept your JJ number or password. You must click "Register now" at the bottom of the window and follow the instructions. 

If you do not receive the verification email, see related question below. 


Sometimes, when people try to log in to Connection Client before they have registered, they are assigned a "trial license". This will work, but is temporary, so you will want to make sure that your license type is "commercial".

If you have registered for a Connection Client account and are seeing this error, try this:

 Close out of connection client, and then open it back up.

Next, in the search tool in the lower left corner of you screen, type "Bentley" and look for an App called "Bentley Licensing Tool".

Open this software and then go to Tools-> Send Logs Now, then Tools-> Refresh Policy.

Look in the Entitlements tab. The License Type should say "Commercial".  If it does, you're good to go. If it doesn't, then CADD Support may need to make an adjustments to your license with some admid tools we have. Contact CADD Support. Then will check your liceenses, make any needed changes, and then ask you to follow these instructions once again to clear the error. 

If you get a message saying that you must open files as "read-only" because they were created with a later version of ORD, then you most likely have the wrong configuration files. 

To fix that, download the zipped configuration folder from the TN Cloud site by clicking here and using password CADD. Extract the contents (it contains a folder called "Configurations") and then copy the unzipped Configurations folder to C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE, overwriting the current Configurations folder. There should only be one folder called "Configurations", so if necessary, delete any old folders and keep only the one you just extracted.

Some users have had the verification email from Bentley caught in the spam filter. Generally, by the time the email shows up in the spam-filter, it is too late to use it. However, there is a procedure for correcting this error. Click here for instructions  to adjust the settings on your spam filter. Once you hae made thiese changes, you will need to request another verification email, but this one should come through.