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TDOT OpenRoads Designer

Revised: June 7, 2021


Please contact the TDOT ORD Team at with any questions, reporting of defects or enhancement suggestions. Please check our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions. 


The roll-out of ORD has begun! In July 2021, all new projects should be surveyed in ORD. Existing projects will be analyzed on a project-by-project basis to determine if a project should be converted to ORD. Therefore, consultants should coordinate with their applicable TDOT design manager to determine if a project should be converted or not. Access to both the updated TDOT workspace and TDOT training materials are listed below*.

*Internal staff uploads for these materials will be completed through request by the Roadway Design and Aerial Survey Division.


DISCLAIMER: Since the TDOT ORD workspace is continuing to be enhanced, TDOT welcomes feedback and any identification of potential defects and enhancements. TDOT will begin providing technical support for the ORD workspace once it is fully deployed.

NOTE: The TDOT ORD workspace includes items for Survey, Roadway, Structures, STID and Drainage (SUDA). It should be used with ORD CONNECT Edition 2020 Release 3 – Version

INSTALLATION: The updated TDOT ORD workspace was released by TDOT CADD on June 7, 2021, to all consultants and is posted on our website. The TDOT ORD Workspace (XX.XX.XX.XX_XX.XX.20XX).zip file can be extracted using the link below. The bold portion of the zip file name refers to the compatible ORD software version and the latter portion of the zip file name refers to the workspace release date by TDOT.

Name Description Size Date

TDOT ORD Workspace

(Revision Notes)

This file is for Consultant personnel only. Others should not download.
Download Location: 
In the same drive as ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE
281 MB


SS2 Survey Implementation


If utilizing a SS2 survey in an ORD project, you will need to incorporate the SS2 file into your project workset. This will allow the correct visualization of all 2D SS2 survey graphics and annotation. Once incorporated, you will see the applicable TDOT SS2 custom linestyles and be able to utilize the SS2 filters. The example workset created in this document is called SS2 Survey Project.

Download Location: 
C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE\\ Configuration\\WorkSpaces\\TDOT_Standards\\WorkSets\\SS2 Survey Project

26.4 MB 03/03/2021 A collection of print definition properties for OpenRoads Designer.
Download Location:
C:\\Program Files\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition\\OpenRoadsDesigner\\Default\\Dgnlib\\Printing\\
80 KB 06/07/2021 Plot configuration driver files for use with ORD Print..
Download Location:
C:\\Program Files\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition\\OpenRoadsDesigner\\Default\\pltcfg\\
56 KB 06/07/2021

Within the configuration folder, there is an Organization-Civil folder. It contains a TDOT_Standards folder and a TDOT_ Standards.cfg file which contain the workspace setup. These files should not be touched or edited.

The TDOT configuration folder should be extracted to the following location and REPLACE the default Bentley configuration folder: C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE\\. You should see the folders below if done correctly.

ORD Folder Path

Once you launch ORD, you should only see the TDOT workspace option (TDOT_Standards) and be able to create a new Workset to begin testing.


WARNING: Be sure to make a copy of your existing MicroStation V8i (SS2/SS10) dgn file(s) if you plan to open them in ORD. Information may be lost as some aspects of ORD files are not reverse compatible with MicroStation SS2/SS10 files.


MANUALS: There will be six (6) TDOT-specific ORD training manuals with embedded how-to videos made available over time and released in the order shown within the figure below. These resources should be used to learn this new platform and ultimately build consistency across the state for TDOT-designed projects.

List of OpenRoad Designer Manuals
List of OpenRoad Designer Manuals


Manual Name PDF File Class Files YouTube® How-To Video Playlist Date
Fundamentals HERE HERE Click Here 01/15/2021
Survey - - - Spring 2021
Roadway Design I - - - Spring 2021
SUDA - - - 2021
Roadway Design II - - - 2021/2022
Operations - - - 2022

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