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Standard Roadway Drawings

Revised: July 18, 2018

In an effort to provide easier and faster access to Standard Drawings, Roadway Design Division offers two ways to search for specific drawings -- by database or by section. Each tool provides the same information, but the database allows users to perform a keyword search. Additionally, each Standard Drawing has a separate webpage which displays the drawing, provides the drawing in PDF format, and includes a list of Related Standard Drawings, Related Item Numbers, and Archived Standard Drawings (if applicable).

To begin your search, select from the datatables or sections listed below.

TDOT Standard Drawings Datatables

The table provides a search box for keywords or numbers that may appear under the headings of drawing number, revision date, description, heading, or section.

TDOT Standard Drawings Sections

Standard Drawings are divided into eight sections, which are further divided into subsections for specific drawings. Select the desired section from the list below.

Roadway Design Standards Standard Abbreviations and Legends | Typical Section and Design Criteria | RD11 Typical Section and Design Criteria | Slope Development | Intersection Sight Distance | Underdrains | Multimodal
Pipe Culverts and Endwalls Pipe Culverts & Flume | Safety Cross Drain Endwalls | Safety Side Drain Endwalls | Protected Endwalls
Catch Basins and Manholes Catch Basins | Junction Boxes | Manholes | Spring Drain Boxes | Slotted & Trench Drains
Natural Stream Design Deflectors, Vanes & Energy Dissipators
Roadway and Pavement Appurtenances Concrete Pavement | Intersections | Curbs | Sidewalks | Walls
Safety Design and Fences Clear Zone & Safety Plans | Cable Barriers | Crash Cushions | Guardrail Details | Guardrail Terminals | Guardrail Anchors | Concrete Median Barrier | Bicycle/Pedestrian Rails | Fence & Right-of-Way Markers | Guardrail Maintenance
Design - Traffic Control Pavement Markings | Work Zones
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Dewatering Devices | Slope Devices | Ditch Devices | Inlet Protection | Detaining Devices | In-Stream Devices


Related Documents

(There will no longer be standard drawings printed with plans.)


(Revised: 07/18/2018 7:45AM)

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