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Roadway Plan Sales

Revised: September 23, 2020

Final construction plans for TDOT roadway construction projects are maintained by the Plan Sales Office. Electronic copies of final construction plan sheets in PDF format are available for purchase from the Plan Sales Office.

Requests for plan sheets must be submitted by email to When submitting requests, as much identifying information as possible should be provided to ensure the correct sheets are located and provided to the customer. Word PDF

For additional assistance or questions contact:

TDOT Roadway Design Plan Sales Office
James K. Polk Bldg, Suite 1200
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243


1. How do I order plans from Plan Sales?

Upload the Plan Sales order form from the web page. Fill in the information and send it with your email
request. Your name and company information, county, State Route or Interstate number, and a description of
the road section are required. A customer who sends a street map from Google or Bing for example, will provide
us with a visual picture, this also is required. Customer must submit one order per e-mail for
accountability purpose. We cannot guarantee the quality of prints when emailing electronic files. Please submit
one order per e-mail for accountability purpose.

2. How much does it cost?

Since October 2012 TDOT Plan Sales Office provides plan sheets in PDF format at no cost to the customer
on orders of ten sheets or less per project. The Title sheet and Index and/or Title sheet with index,
is included in the ten sheets we provide at no cost. On orders that contain eleven or more plan sheets,
payment requirement will continue to be in effect. TDOT can provide hard copies of the plan sheets for a
separate charge if requested by a customer. To clarify, if a customer requests four sheets from a project,
they will be provided those sheets at no cost. The customer then decides they need seven additional sheets
from that same project. That would bring the total number of sheets to eleven. The customer, in order to
get the seven additional sheets, would have to pay for all eleven sheets since the total is over the
maximum of sheets. If hard copies are requested, TDOT charges the customer for the paper copies, per our
current procedure. Half size are $2 each. Full size sheets are no longer available.

3. What if the plans that I receive are hard to read and decipher?

As stated above we cannot guarantee the quality of prints when emailing electronic files. These Plans are
provided here to individuals and other agencies who use these plans at their own risk. No warranty either
express or implied is given.

This Page Last Updated: September 23, 2020 at 9:42 AM