On average, it takes TDOT 15 years to deliver a project and projects are costing 40% more than what we budgeted due to projects taking so long to get through the development phase. Time is money.

Delivery Years

Tennessee’s transportation needs outpace our ability to deliver much-needed projects, and the tools in the toolbox are limited. The bottom line is projects take too long and cost too much.

TDOT needs more tools in the toolbox as we are statutorily restricted in how many alternative delivery projects we can currently deliver. Across the country, alternative delivery methods result in 30-50% faster delivery and 10% cost savings compared to traditional delivery methods (Source: DBIA).

Alternative Delivery

Our pilot program was extraordinarily successful, and the public has shown great support. TDOT’s statutorily limited alternative delivery program has shown a $22 million cost savings and 70% faster delivery. When utilized on the right project, we can deliver projects faster and cheaper through alternative delivery methods.