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True Stories

Trooper Todd M. Larkins

On July 8, 2005 Trooper Todd Larkins initiated a traffic stop along I-40 in Dickson County. After exiting his vehicle, Trooper Larkins was struck by a tractor-trailer who failed to move over. Trooper Larkins is survived by his wife and daughter. Their loss can never be measured, but Alicia Larkins shares her grief with others in hopes that others will be spared the trauma she has been through.

Trooper Rodney Redmon

Trooper Rodney Redmon was struck by a car on June 12, 2005 while he was conducting a traffic stop on I-75 at the Tennessee River Bridge. He was assisting two vehicles that had been involved in an accident when the crash occurred. Trooper Redmon did not sustain serious injuries from the accident and was released from the hospital on the same night. Since that time, Trooper Redmon has become an outspoken proponent of the Move Over law and has shared his story in hopes of preventing another tragic Move Over crash.

Officer Christie Dedman

Officer Christie Dedman was killed on July 19, 2004. Officer Dedman, a police officer for the Metro Nashville Police Department, was helping a stranded motorist along I-40 in Davidson County. Officer Dedman was struck by a tractor-trailer who failed to move over.

Robert Fish

Robert Fish, a TDOT maintenance worker, was killed on July 1, 2005 as he worked in a construction zone in West Tennessee on Highway 100 in Chester County.