Payment Installments

The Financial Responsibility Division now accepts payment of certain reinstatement fees by installments.

To qualify for the installment plan, a driver must owe more than $200 in reinstatement fees and satisfy all other requirements needed for reinstatement. The driver is required to make a down payment of $200 plus pay a $25 administrative fee at the time he enters the payment plan. He must then make a payment each quarter (every 3 months) of $300 until the remaining balance is paid with a maximum of two years to pay. Failure to make any payment as required will result in the driver again being revoked or suspended and the remaining balance must be paid in full in order to reinstate.

There are specific forms the driver must complete when entering the payment plan. Effective January 1, 2012, the installment plan can be processed through ourĀ Driver License Reinstatement Centers.