Military Cultural

Military Cultural - Active, Retired or Honorably Discharged

Available to: Active/Retired/Honorably discharged members and spouses of the U.S. military and military reserves in good standing. Surviving spouses also are eligible until they remarry.

Documentation Required: For active military - Current copy of Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and stationing orders to be submitted annually upon renewal; For retired and honorable discharge military – Military ID card and one of the following in proof of status: DD Form 2A (RES), DD Form 2N (RES), DD Form 2MC (RES), DD Form 2AF (RES), DD Form 2CG (RES) or DD214.

Note:  A decal for the specific military branch is affixed in the empty space on the left side of the plate.

Cost: $26.50 annual fee (initial fee is $29.80)

Vehicle Classes:  Passenger, Motorcycle