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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak



Report Descriptions

Calculated: A report showing calculated variables by demographics. Calculated variables are variables that the CDC creates using one or more existing variables. An example is _BMI5CAT, which calculates Body Mass Index using the respondent’s self-reported height and weight variables.
Codebook: A state-specific codebook illustrating the name and dispositions of each variable used in Tennessee. State added questions are not in this report and can be found in the state added questions codebook.
Core Sections: A report showing core section variables by demographics. Core sections are sets of variables that all BRFSS states and participating territories must use. Some core questions are asked every year, and others are asked every 2-3 years.
Optional Modules: A report showing optional module variables by demographics. Optional modules are sets of variables that all states and participating territories have the option of using. Usually a long list is offered that states choose from. In Tennessee, BRFSS data users can voice for their need for specific optional module(s) to be included in the next year’s survey during the bi-annual Data Users Group meetings.
State Added Codebook: A state-specific codebook illustrating the name and dispositions of each state added variable.
State Added Report: A report showing state added question variables by demographics. State added questions are sets of variables or just single questions that the state deems important to have on their survey in a given year. State added questions are usually previous core or optional modules since these have already been field and cognitively tested.