Carbon Monoxide in Tennessee


Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a poisonous gas that cannot be smelled, seen or tasted, and can cause death in minutes if it is at high levels.  Carbon monoxide can quickly build up to unsafe levels in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas.  Dozens of people are poisoned by carbon monoxide in Tennessee each year.  The use of generators in enclosed spaces is too often the reason for carbon monoxide exposure.

The carbon monoxide poisoning indicator tracks acute, unintentional CO poisoning resulting in emergency department treatment or hospitalizations.

In January 2013, carbon monoxide poisoning became a reportable event in Tennessee. Within one week of diagnosis, health care providers, physicians, hospitals, laboratories or other persons knowing of suspected CO poisoning should report it to the Tennessee Department of Health. The Tennessee Poison Center and the National Fire Incident Reporting System both record possible CO poisoning cases. Click here for directions about how to report CO.