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ACCESS Materials

All Children Challenged and Equipped for Success in School

The ACCESS handbooks were designed by the Tennessee State Department of Education to accompany professional learning on differentiated instruction. They feature content and strategies including guidance for face-to-face learning, as well as materials designed to extend educator understanding and support teachers as they design differentiated lessons and tasks in their own classrooms.

With that in mind, the handbooks strive to balance clarifying what differentiation is—and isn’t—with building teachers’ skills in planning for and implementing differentiation. In essence, providing teachers with both the why and the how.  The first pages are dedicated to defining differentiation using a model developed by Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, who is widely regarded as the international expert in differentiated instruction. The remaining pages provide explicit guidance for how to design differentiated lessons and tasks, beginning with clear learning goals derived from Tennessee State Standards and extending to specific adjustments that teachers can make to content, process, and product for student readiness, interest, and learning profile.

ACCESS Materials

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