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Post Approval Calendars

If you need assistance viewing these calendars, contact your FPS worker or call the Office of Training and Professional Development at (615) 532-7851.

Click the class title to view details about the training. To change the calendar view, click the tabs in the upper right corner of each calendar (Week, Month, or Agenda).

To print:
Click Agenda to view trainings in your region as a list.
Click the Print icon and select the date range you wish to print.
Ensure the Print Descriptions box is selected so that registration details will be shown.

All times for live webinars are displayed in US Central Time. Click the links provided in each event description to register. Participants MUST register for webinars via the provided link at least 24 hours before the scheduled training. Non DCS staff participants (foster parents, providers, etc.) please allow at least 4 weeks for certificates to be distributed. For participants with Edison accounts, please allow at least 4 weeks for training to be reflected in your learner profile.