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The Jackson Probation and Parole Office will be closed beginning Thursday, August 6th until further notice.
TDOC Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 - Visitation has been suspended until further notice.
TDOC Inmates COVID-19 Testing

State Prison Visitation

Link to watch episodes of Visitation 2.0

TDOC prisons are smoke-free environments.

Firearms, weapons, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on the property.


The Tennessee Department of Correction does NOT tolerate and aggressively pursues every means possible to prevent the introduction of DRUGS and CONTRABAND into our prisons.

If you try to bring contraband inside our prisons,  you will face harsh consequences including:

  • Permanent loss of visitation privilege
  • Posting of a substantial bond to get out of jail
  • Forfeiture of vehicle if contraband is found inside
  • Payment to an attorney to defend you at trial
  • A felony record
  • Loss of privilege of possessing a firearm

The Department of Correction will pursue criminal prosecution against both visitors and staff that refuse to adhere to the law.

The introduction of contraband is a serious threat to the safety and security of Tennessee prisons. The TDOC takes its responsibility as part of the law enforcement community very seriously.


TDOC Visitation

Most TDOC offenders are allowed to visit with friends and family, provided they fill out the appropriate paperwork and follow the departmental policies and procedures.

To familiarize yourself with the rules, please refer to the visitation policy. A visitation form will need to be filled out in its entirety in order to be placed on an offender's list. Applications are processed on a regular basis at each facility, but at least quarterly.

When visiting a TDOC prison, vehicles must be secured in the parking lot.  Secured includes all doors locked and all windows rolled completely up.  Animals may not be left in a vehicle with a window cracked.  Failure to fully secure your vehicle may result in your visit being denied.  

Visitation is considered a privilege, not a right.

Below we have provided visitation contact information and a copy of the visitation handbook for each prison:

Contact #:  (423) 881-6148

*Mail visitation applications to the Visitation Department at 1045 Horsehead Road, Pikeville, Tennessee 37367

BCCX Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (868 kb)

Contact #:  (731)254-6000, ext. 46013

HCCF Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (1,901 kb)

Contact #:  (615) 350-3788

DSNF Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (1.057 kb)

Contact #:  (901) 531-1838

MLTC Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (640 kb)

Contact #:  (423) 346-1300, ext. 1390 or 1391 (ask for visitation office)

MCCX Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (944 kb)

Contact #:  (423) 727-7387, ext. 7273391

NECX Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (244 kb)

Site 1 Contact #:  (731) 253-5000, ext. 1903

Site 2 Contact #:  (731) 253-5000, ext. 2077

NWCX Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (1 mb)

Contact #:  (615) 350-3100, ext. 3128

RMSI Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (307 kb)

Contact #:  (931) 676-5346, ext. 2206

SCCF Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (796 kb)

Contact #:  (615) 741-1255, ext. 1273

TPFW Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (1,177 kb)

Contact #:  (615) 808-0432

TTCC Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (898 kb)

Main Site Contact #:  (931) 729-7963

Annex Site Contact #:  (931) 676-3345 (ask for visitation officer)

TCIX Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (974 kb)

Contact #:  (731) 738-5044, ext. 3229

WTSP Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (229)

Contact #:  (731) 254-9400, ext. 40821

WCFA Visitation Handbook (pdf format) (295 kb)