Correctional Release Center

The Next Door Chattanooga offers a unique program in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Correction.  Women served by The Next Door Chattanooga are currently incarcerated and receive short-term transitional services rooted in evidence-based practices to address the needs of the women.

Within months of release from incarceration, women are transported from prison to The Next Door Chattanooga’s Correctional Release Center.  While at the Correctional Release Center (CRC), women work toward gaining job and life skills that will assist in a productive re-entry into society.  Gaining employment, participating in group therapy, and working closely with their case manager on an individualized treatment plan are all ways in which CRC clients are able to better prepare themselves for release.

The Correctional Release Center is the first of its kind for the State of Tennessee and Department of Correction, and is designed to equip these women for independent living, free from drug and alcohol abuse, and reduce the likelihood of them returning to prison.

For additional information, visit The Next Door website.