Middle College Scholarship

Application is found within the TSAC Student Portal

 Begun in the Fall 2018 semester, the Middle College Scholarship is established and funded from proceeds of the state lottery and awarded to high school Juniors and seniors enrolled full-time at an eligible postsecondary institution. 

Award amount per semester:

$2,000 per semester ($4,000 per year)

Complete and submit the Middle College Scholarship application by September 1

  • Be classified as a Tennessee resident pursuant to TCA 49-8-104
  • Obtain a minimum 3.0 high school GPA at the end of the Sophomore year
  • Beginning with the Junior year of high school, enroll full-time for each semester at any of the following institutions; which partners with a Local Educational Agency:
    • Chattanooga State Community College
    • Cleveland State Community College
    • Dyersburg State Community College
    • Jackson State Community College
    • Motlow State Community College
    • Nashville State Community College
    • Northeast State Community College
    • Pellissippi State Community College
    • Roane State Community College
    • Volunteer State Community College
    • Walters State Community College

To remain eligible, a student shall

  • Reapply each year by submitting the online Middle College Scholarship application by the deadline dates
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 semester college GPA
  • Maintain full-time enrollment for each semester at either of the institutions listed above
  • Student is no longer enrolled at Middle College
  • Student fails to maintain a minimum 3.0 semester college GPA
  • Student fails to maintain a full-time enrollment status
  • Student has earned an Associate degree
  • Student has graduated from high school
  • Two years have passed from the date of enrollment as a middle college student at any of the institutions displayed on the “Eligibility” tab

Transitioning from the Middle College Scholarship to the HOPE Scholarship

  • Students must meet the academic HOPE Scholarship requirements
  • Students must meet the HOPE Scholarship benchmark requirements
  • Students must enroll within sixteen (16) months after graduating from the Middle College
  • Students must submit the FAFSA application by the HOPE Scholarship deadline dates
  • Time enrolled as a middle college student will not count towards the HOPE Scholarship terminating events


Important Notes

  1. Students who complete the Middle College and earn an Associate degree must enroll at an eligible 4-year institution to receive the HOPE Scholarship
  2. Students who do not receive the Middle College Scholarship in the Fall semester of the junior year are not eligible for the scholarship thereafter
  3. Students cannot receive the Middle College Scholarship and the Dual Enrollment Grant at the same time
  4. Students cannot regain the Middle College Scholarship once the award discontinues for any reason