POST Transition School


January 2023 Class - CLASS IS FULL

On Campus:          January 16-18
Online Class:         Jan. 19 - Feb. 5
On Campus:          Feb. 6-7

February 2023 Class - CLASS IS FULL

On Campus:          Feb. 28 – Mar. 2
Online Class:         Mar. 3-19
On Campus:          Mar. 22-23

March 2023 Class 

On Campus:          Mar. 28-30
Online Class:         Mar. 31 – Apr. 16
On Campus:          Apr. 17-18

May 2023 Class

On Campus:          May 9-11
Online Class:         May 12-28
On Campus:          May 30-31

June 2023 Class

On Campus:          June 5-7
Online Class:         June 8-25
On Campus:          June 26-27

July 2023 Class

On Campus:          July 31 – Aug. 2
Online Class:         Aug. 3-20
On Campus:          Aug. 21-22

August 2023 Class

On Campus:          Aug. 29-31
Online Class:         Sept. 1-17
On Campus:          Sept. 20-21

September 2023 Class

On Campus:          Sept. 26-28
Online Class:         Sept. 29 – Oct. 16
On Campus:          Oct. 17-18

October 2023 Class

On Campus:          Oct. 24-26
Online Class:         Oct. 27 – Nov. 13
On Campus:          Nov. 14-15

November 2023 Class

On Campus:          Nov. 28-30
Online Class:         Dec. 1-18
On Campus:          Dec. 19-20

Tests will be proctored and taken at TLETA.  Information regarding the online classroom portion will be given on orientation day.

Start/End Time(s) Students should report to the P.O.S.T. Specialized Training Campus on the first day of class by 1200 hrs for orientation.  

P.O.S.T. Specialized Training Campus
279 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

Please click the following link for Google map directions

Instructor(s) P.O.S.T. Specialized Instructors and Class Counselors
Kristy Inglish, Dwight Williams

This course is designed to train law enforcement officers hired from another state, or in-state officers who have had a break in service of more than three (3) years but less than seven (7) years, or officers who attended an approved basic law enforcement school and has been hired after two (2) years of the completion of that training.  This Transition School is mandated by POST Rule 1110-02-.01 in place of challenging the POST test.

Fee County & Local Officers – $825
State Officers – $975
Length 120 total hours including virtual classroom and observed training
Prerequisites This training is required within six (6) months of hire date.

Officers will be required to be in uniform with no weapons on orientation. An equipment list will be provided.

To Register

Please fill out the appropriate WebForm on the Acadis Portal.

POST Transition School Application - Break in Service - This form is to be filled out by law enforcement agencies wishing to submit an application for officers to attend POST Transition School that have had a three (3) to seven (7) year break in service.


POST Transition School Application - Out-of-State Officers - This form is to be filled out by law enforcement agencies wishing to submit an application for out-of-state officers to attend POST Transition School.

Other Notes Maximum class size is 20 students.