T-SAR, Tracking Search and Rescue

Date(s) April 24-28, 2023
September 25-29, 2023
Start/End Time(s) A training schedule will be sent upon registration.

Fall Creek Falls State Park
10821 Park Road
Pikeville, TN  37367

Cabins will be furnished to students at the Group Camp at no cost.

Instructor(s) Phillip Michael

T-SAR Level 1 

This program will include day and night Visual Tracking Skills, Map and Compass Skills and Introduction into Search Management. This course provides the building blocks for tracking a person(s) by the signs and disturbances left as they walk through an area. It also introduces the student to what search management actually is.  The assets available and how they can be utilized in a search are covered. 

T-SAR Level 2

This program will include day and night Visual Tracking Skills, Wilderness Survival, Advanced Land Navigation and an Advanced Search Management Exercise with Practical.  T-SAR Level 1 is a prerequisite to attending T-SAR Level 2.


Tennessee Local, County and State Agencies - No Charge

Out of State Agencies - $650

Length 40 hours
Prerequisites none
Materials An equipment list will be sent upon registration.
To Register Your authorized department Acadis Portal user can register you by clicking HERE. Log in and go to the Training & Events tab.
Other Notes Maximum number of students is 48 for both classes.