What Is AWS?


Alternative Workplace Solutions (AWS) is a cultural and physical transformation that uses non-traditional workspaces to promote efficiency and flexibility across state government. AWS reduces square footage needs across state-owned, managed and leased facilities by creating policies and workspaces that allow employees flexibility in their work style. AWS also increases workforce productivity by providing flexible schedules and workspace options, allowing eligible employees to work how they work best, for the job they are currently doing.

AWS utilizes three main alternative work arrangements to efficiently utilize mobile technologies, flexible work schedules, and multi-user workstations to maximize the efficiency of work processes and office space. These alternate work arrangements include Work from Home, Mobile Work, and Free Address.

Work from Home: Provides employees the opportunity to work at a place other than their regularly assigned workstation (such as an employee’s residence).

Mobile Work: Provides flexibility of schedules for employees who spend much of their workday in a vehicle and whose responsibilities require them to be away from the office for much or all of the workday.

Free Address: Is suitable for employees whose primary place to conduct state business is an assigned physical building, but they often collaborate and/or participate in meetings.