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Adult-Size Changing Tables

Promoting community inclusion by offering a safe, private, and hygienic toileting option to all Tennesseans

Help with toileting is a common need for adults who are aging or have disabilities and other conditions. Many adults and children need access to changing spaces that are larger than a baby changing table. Everyone deserves a safe, dignified, and clean toileting experience.

Without adult-sized changing tables, Tennesseans who need them must choose between changing in an unhygienic setting – like on a restroom floor – or remaining isolated from the community if they experience incontinence issues.

This issue affects family members, friends and caregivers who want to spend time with their loved ones in the community.

States and localities can expand access to adult-size universal changing tables that can accommodate children AND adults in certain types of public buildings that are newly built or being renovated.

text on blue background says "adult-size changing tables - because everyone deserves dignity". icon of a person helping a person in a disability onto an adult-size changing table; includes council logo and website

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