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Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

TN Disability Pathfinder banner; text reads "your navigator on the path to community services" and shows a compass

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder, a statewide multilingual information and referral service for disability resources operated by Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, is one of the most important projects of the Council. This central source for disability information was created in 1997 by the Council in response to demand from families all across Tennessee who needed a way to get information about disability services. 

Today the Departments of Health, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Education, and Human Services/Rehabilitation Services share in the funding of Pathfinder through specialized contracts, while the Council is the primary funder. Information is available via a phone and email helpline, as well as an online searchable database containing over 3,000 agencies.

Pathfinder’s Multicultural Outreach and Camino Seguro programs are equipped to help members of the multicultural, refugee and immigrant communities find needed disability services and supports. These programs also provide training to organizations serving multicultural communities on how to better address disability-related needs. 

In 2018-19, the Council provided additional funding to Pathfinder to develop a rural outreach program and a diversity outreach program that could both be replicated in additional areas across the state. Learn more about the impact of the rural outreach program from this article in Vanderbilt's "Notables" newsletter.