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Breaking Ground

Council Magazine

Breaking Ground, produced by the Council since 1990, informs readers of innovative programs and practices, disability policy issues, and stories about the lives of Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  

Approximately 5,400 copies of each issue are distributed to individuals with disabilities, family members, state agencies, advocacy organizations, and legislators. Each year, a special arts issue is produced, which shares artwork by and about Tennesseans with disabilities.

Are you an artist with disabilities who would like your artwork considered for our annual Breaking Ground Arts issue?  Do you know of any inclusive art programs in your community? Are there other success stories about disability you would like to share with a larger audience? Let us know about your ideas or send us your creative work anytime by contacting tnddc@tn,.gov!

[Braille copies also available; call us at 615-532-6615 for more info.]


Editor-in-Chief, Breaking Ground Magazine

Jolene Sharp

p. 615-253-8778  c. 615-917-0824