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EasyLiving Homes

Beginning in 2004, the Council implemented a voluntary certification program to interest home builders in building “visitable” homes in new housing developments.  “Visitable” homes are built with minimal accessibility features to allow easier access for seniors, individuals with physical disabilities or mobility problems.

The EasyLiving Homes of TN program was adopted by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency to sustain it beyond the life of the Council grant and is now known as Flexible Home Concepts.

Project Outcomes:

  • Research and coalition building occurred from 2004 to 2007. This included a visit to Georgia to learn about their program.
  • Over 500 visitable homes certified during the Council grant period.
  • 17 builders joined the program during the Council grant period.
  • 17 communities across Tennessee across the state had certified homes at the end of the Council's grant.
  • Over 700 people were trained about visitability during the Council grant period..
  • Tennessee Housing Development Agency took over the program to sustain it.