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Statewide TN Employment Consortium (S-TEC)

From 2001-2012, the Council was a leader in launching and sustaining a statewide group called the Tennessee Employment Consortium that focused on increasing the employment rate of people served by the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD). The initiative increased DIDD's employment outcomes for people they serve from 7% to 25%. 

The TN Employment Consortium continues to this day through the Dept. of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and is known as the Statewide -TN Employment Consortium or "S-TEC". DIDD uses S-TEC to track employment activities and keep providers informed and trained in TN employment policies and practices. The group receives a monthly update from DIDD, Vocational Rehabilitation, TennCare, the TennesseeWorks Partnership, and at least one TN employment provider.

Outcomes as a result of the Council's efforts and the work of the consortium during this period:

  • Developed a data system that allowed an annual employment report for the Department.
  • First Employment First statement for DIDD approved and implemented.
  • Job Coach training developed and implemented as a requirement.
  • "Supported Employment" Resource Manual written and disseminated.
  • The Council provided a consultant to serve as an employment systems subject matter expert.
  • A series of six articles were written on the state of transition and employment in Tennessee for Breaking Ground.