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Youth Transition Memorandum of Understanding

In fall 2018, the Council finalized updating of the youth transition "MOU" (Memorandum of Understanding, which is an official agreement between agencies) that outlines how the following TN state agencies work together to support youth with disabilities transitioning from school to adulthood and employment:

  1. Dept. of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services
  2. Dept. of Education/Division of Special Populations
  3. Dept. of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  4. Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development
  5. Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  6. Dept. of Health/Division of Family Health and Wellness
  7. Dept. of Children's Services
  8. Division of TennCare

The Council oversees the Youth Transition MOU on behalf of all the participating agencies. The MOU is meant to coordinate and streamline employment services for youth with disabilities in TN through defining the roles and responsibilities of all agencies involved in support youth to achieve their employment goals. It was originally developed in 2014, and this group of agencies continues to monitor its progress annually.

Read the current Youth Transition MOU for youth with disabilities