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Transition TN Bill of Rights

The Council connects people living the experience of disability directly to the people who shape disability programs.  This direct line from experience to systems is what makes the Council unique.  

When Gina Summer was appointed by the Governor as a Council member from West TN, one of the first things she suggested was: families need information about transition services.

 “Transition services” refers to programs that help students with disabilities get ready for life after high school. These services look different in every school district. Gina and her son, Cole, were struggling to get information about basics: What are transition services? What might Cole qualify for? What should they ask for?  

This is the kind of feedback the Council can act on. We are members of a leadership group for TransitionTN, a partnership between the TN Dept. of Education and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. The project addresses exactly what Gina identified: the need for information and tools about transition services. Thanks to Gina’s input, the Council suggested a document to clearly outline transition rights and resources for students.

The result? This one-page “Transition Bill of Rights” for Tennesseans like Gina and Cole – and their teachers.

Gina’s response: “This would have been amazing to receive as a parent a couple years ago.  I am excited to receive it now. Even after all I have learned about transition services, I learned more from this publication. I wish every, single parent had this!”

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