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Tennessee Association of Microboards and Human Service Co-ops

In 2000 through 2012, the Council worked to create an association that would assist people with developmental disabilities and their family members to establish a Microboard or Human Service Co-op  to oversee and provide their services.  These two service models allow individuals who receive government services to have more responsibility, independence and flexibility for managing and accounting for services and paid staff. As a result of these efforts, the Tennessee Association of Microboards and Cooperatives was formed.

Project outcomes:

  • Just under 50 microboards established across the state.
  • Established one Human Service Co-op in West Tennessee.
  • Signed Letter of Understanding with Voc. Rehab.  to provide employment services.
  • Microboard association model replicated in Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • General and Professional Liability Program developed specifically for microboards.
  • Developed listserv, website and newsletter.
  • Developed “Innovative Leadership” web based speaker series.
  • Provided training, technical assistance and education to over 7,000 people.