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Council Communications Survey 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 | 02:30pm

Informing and educating the TN disability community, policymakers and the general public about disability topics, services and policies is a core goal of the Council. We do this through two weekly email newsletters, our magazine Breaking Groundour videos, social media, website, presentations and through other communications efforts.

Each year, we ask you to share with us how effective we have been in reaching this goal - are we sharing information and updates that increase your knowledge about disability services, policies and issues in TN?

Please share your input by taking 5-10 minutes to take this survey - when we talk about "information we share", we're talking about all the previously-mentioned communications efforts as a whole (email news, social media, Breaking Ground, etc.). 

Your responses help us understand what is working well and how we can improve!

Questions? Contact our Communications Director Emma Shouse Garton at or 615-253-5368.

a graphic that shows symbols for surveys and feedback; text on the graphic reads: "feedback:; share what you think about Council communications activities (e-news, social media, Breaking Ground, etc.) and how we can improve through this brief survey! our goal is to keep you informed about the Council's work and important issues that affect Tennesseans with disabilities and their families"