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#WithoutMedicaid: Share Your Story

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 | 12:59pm

How will cuts to Medicaid impact your and your family's life?

Share your story through a new social media awareness campaign called #WithoutMedicaid.

The Council, along with our Developmental Disabilities Network , Independent Living and Disability Policy Alliance partners at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Disability Rights TN, UT Boling Center, The Arc TN and Statewide Independent Living Council, wants to help Tennesseans and our elected officials understand the critical importance of Medicaid in the lives of Tennesseans with disabilities.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Download and print this sign and write down a way in which Medicaid (TennCare) impacts your life or your family member’s life. Finish the sentence: “#WithoutMedicaid ____[fill in the blank with how your or your family’s quality of life would be impacted without access to Medicaid]____”
  2. Take a photo of yourself and/or your family member holding the filled-out sign.
  3. Post it to your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). In addition to posting to your own account, you can send directly to Emma Shouse, Council Communications Director, at so we can share it from the Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. Make sure you use the hashtag #WithoutMedicaid when you post it! 

If you can’t print the sign or don’t take a photo, use #WithoutMedicaid share updates on social media of how your life / your family’s life would be changed if you no longer had access to Medicaid (TennCare). Your story could save Medicaid.

This campaign will inform policymakers and the public about the potential impact of cuts to Medicaid (TennCare in TN) that are proposed in the President’s budget and the American Health Care Act. Specifically, the federal government would no longer provide a "match" to states to help fund Medicaid, which would likely leave states unable to continue providing the same level of services for people with disabilities. The Senate vote on the AHCA/Better Care Reconciliation Act is expected next week, after the July 4, 2017 recess.

Print the #WithoutMedicaid sign here.

Medicaid cuts would limit not only healthcare services received through TennCare, but could also impact long-term services and supports programs like CHOICES, Employment and Community First (ECF) CHOICES, and the Dept. of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) waiver programs. 

Some ideas / sample posts to help get started:

  • #WithoutMedicaid I could not afford health insurance even though I work
  • #WithoutMedicaid I would have to use the emergency room when I got sick 
  • #WithoutMedicaid I wouldn’t have the support I need to keep my job
  • #WithoutMedicaid my parents would be my primary caregivers and unable to work
  • #WithoutMedicaid I would not have the medicine I need
  • #WithoutMedicaid my son [INSERT NAME] won’t have access to speech therapy
  • #WithoutMedicaid my daughter [INSERT NAME] would have no transportation to her job
  • #WithoutMedicaid my brother [INSERT NAME] couldn’t live independently in the community
  • #WithoutMedicaid my sister [INSERT NAME] would no longer have the help she needs to get ready for work
  • #WithoutMedicaid I would need to quit my job to care for [INSERT FAMILY MEMBER’S NAME]

Together, we can educate others on the importance of Medicaid services in Tennessee.

Questions about the campaign? Contact Emma Shouse, Council Communications Director, at  

Questions about state or federal public policy issues impacting Tennesseans with disabilities? Contact Council Public Policy Director Lauren Pearcy at