Employment First Task Force

In June 2013, Governor Haslam added Tennessee to a list of “Employment First” states by signing Executive Order No. 28. This created the Tennessee Employment First Task Force, charged with increasing community employment for Tennesseans with disabilities.

“Employment First” is a concept that emphasizes employment in the general workforce as the first and preferred option for individuals with disabilities receiving assistance from publicly-funded systems.

The Task Force, along with the Tennessee Works partnership, has just completed its 3 year strategic plan for improving employment outcomes for Tennesseans with disabilities.

Read Governor Haslam’s 2013 Employment First Executive Order.

Read the 2014 Employment First Task Force report to the Governor, which was funded by the Council.

Read the 2015 Employment First Task Force report to the Governor.

Read the 2016 Employment First Task Force report to the Governor.

photo of a group of adults representing many different tennessee state and community agencies standing with governor bill haslam on the grand ole opry stage after presenting the 2016 employment report about employment for people with disabilities