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State Plan and Goals

The state plan is our “plan of action” so that the Council can impact areas of need that were highlighted by input from Tennesseans with disabilities and their family members. The state plan is our strategic planning document; the road map that details what we will do to get from Point A to Point B. 

As a reminder, the Council does not provide direct services. Instead, we identify areas of need across Tennessee. Then we work within our mandate from the Developmental Disabilities Act to improve those areas of need by developing leaders, improving policy and practice, and educating stakeholders.

Our State Plan Goals - 2017-2021

View our 2017-2021 State Plan Goals and Objectives.

To provide feedback on goals, objective and activities at any time, please contact Alicia Cone at 615-253-1105 or 

What's in the State Plan?

The Tennessee Council’s full State Plan covers the following areas of assessment and action:

  • Analysis of service needs across the state; input from the public.
  • Estimation of prevalence of developmental disabilities in Tennessee.
  • Portrait of current Tennessee generic and disability services in these areas:
    • health care
    • mental health
    • employment
    • children and youth
    • aging
    • education/early intervention
    • housing
    • transportation
  • Portrait of self-advocacy in Tennessee
  • Summary of the state of disability services in Tennessee
    • barriers to eligibility
    • adequacy of resource and services
  • Description of unserved and underserved groups in Tennessee and their needs
  • Summary of waiting lists for people with developmental disabilities and number of people on those waiting lists
  • Outline of goals, objectives and activities identified by the Council for the 5 year plan period
  • Evaluation plan for the Council and its work

Logic Model

View the TN Council's 5-year logic model for our 2017-2021 State Plan here.