Learning Conference Lunch and Learn Series

Since its inception, Building Strong Brains Tennessee (BSB TN) has connected brain science and communications science to change the culture in Tennessee to be informed by ACEs, Trauma and Resilience (ATR).  This culture change in addition to appropriations in the TN state budget for BSB ACEs Innovation Grants have prompted many professionals, communities, and philanthropists to use the latest brain science to better prevent and mitigate ACEs, trauma and toxic stress. Four years of comprehensive, coordinated and collective work from both the private and public sector have positioned TN as a national leader in ACEs response. 

In an effort to continue to propel and expand this cutting-edge work, BSB TN was planning to conduct a two-day learning conference to support professionals and community members to learn from innovative efforts happening at the national and local level. The goal of this conference is to advance trauma-informed philosophy, policies and funding, programs and professional practice in a variety of professional sectors and communities across the state. However, the coronavirus pandemic has required that we rethink our plans and not hold the conference at this time, in light of the necessary precautions to which all of us want to adhere. As a result, the conference content committee has moved forward with crafting a learning conference “lunch and learn” series throughout the spring and summer, with the key theme focusing on advancing equity.  An excellent line-up of nationally recognized and visionary speakers have agreed to this online format.