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Become a Certified Faith-Based Community

Thank you for your interest in helping the Department’s Division of Substance Abuse Services build an active and engaged network of faith communities and organizations in Tennessee to help your fellow citizens struggling with addictions.

When you successfully complete the certification process, you will be added to the statewide recovery support network, and most importantly, opening your arms to individuals seeking substance abuse services.

  • Providing Spiritual/Pastoral Support.
  • Viewing addiction as a treatable disease, not a moral issue.
  • Embracing and support people in recovery and walk with them on their journey.
  • Providing a visible outreach in the community.
  • Sharing recovery information.
  • Hosting recovery support groups.

Click this link to learn more about faith-based community initiatives.

Click this link to take our questionnaire to become a certified recovery congregation.

For more information and to schedule your training, please contact:
Monty Burks
Director of Faith-Based Initiatives
Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Phone: (615) 770-1783