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Tennessee Crisis Provider Employee Recognition

Do you work with a colleague in the crisis system that exhibits caring compassion in their interactions?  Would you like to acknowledge the outstanding services provided by a particular staff member who works in the Crisis Services System? Do you work with a team member who makes the team operate more smoothly?  If you work in mobile crisis,  a crisis walk-in center, crisis stabilization unit or crisis respite service and have witnessed or experienced the outstanding services provided by a colleague, take a moment to recommend them for recognition in Crisis Services Outstanding Employee Recognition Program.

Nominations will be reviewed each quarter and a crisis services staff person will be selected for special recognition for their outstanding services. The selected individual will be featured in a one page article in the department’s newsletter. The article will highlight the reasons the individual was selected, a description of the crisis service system that the individual works in and a review of the agency and its services. The winner will be contacted for a brief interview by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS), Office of Communications. The article will include a candid photo of the individual and a quote obtained during the interview. The selected individual will also receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the Commissioner.

Let’s work together to recognize all of the outstanding work going on in the crisis system!

To recommend that a staff person working in the crisis services system receives special recognition by the TDMHSAS, download a nomination form below:

Outstanding Crisis Employee Recognition Form