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Renewing Your Certification

Now that you have completed the training and become certified, congratulations! What's next?

You will need to renew your certification annually by completing and submitting the Renewal Application - and all other required documentation - at least 14 calendar days prior to the end of the recertification date, or the certification will expire on the certification renewal date. 

Download the Renewal Application. 

Gaining Experience

To renew your certification you must provide at least 25 hours of peer recovery services each year.  

Once certified, you can have your name added to a statewide registry of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists on the Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organization’s website, accessed exclusively by hiring managers.

Continuing Your Education

In keeping up to date with your recertification, it is necessary to complete ten (10) continuing education hours of which five (5) must be face-to-face in a live classroom setting and one (1) hour of ethics. The other five (5) hours can be obtained using electronic means such as computer based learning or webinars. Learn more about Continuing Education requirements.

Renewing Your Certification

Once you have completed your continuing education and provided at least 25 hours of peer recovery services, you may submit your Renewal Application, along with the required proof of continuing education documents. After we have received your application, you will receive a confirmation email within a week. 

For more information on the renewal process, refer to the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Handbook. You can also contact the Peer Recovery Coordinator at 800-560-5767 or email