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Mental Health Services and Supports for Children, Young Adults, and Families

Gov. Bill Haslam, Department of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen, and Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Commissioner Marie Williams share an important message about children's mental health.

Support for Families

If you are a caregiver and/or family member, learn about the support systems and programs in place for you.

Programs and Services

A listing of the behavioral health programs and services available to children, youth, and their families in Tennessee. 

Best Practices for Children & Adolescents

These guidelines have been developed to offer health care professionals evidence-based best practices in serving individuals from birth to the age of 17.

System of Care Initiative

Learn how the System of Care initiative in Tennessee is helping children across the state. 

TDMHSAS Helpline

When you’re having trouble getting mental health or substance use services, calling the Helpline offers you and your family access to an advocate who will listen to your concerns and provide information about available resources in your area.

Homeless Services for Children & Youth

Children and youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) who experience homelessness can receive help to secure housing and keep the family intact.

Support, Education, and Outreach

Support is available to help mental health consumers and their family members. For education, information on support groups, advocacy, recovery resources and more.

kidcentral TN is an easy way for families to find information and to connect with resources relating to health, education, development, and support.

Substance Abuse Prevention for Children and Youth

The Tennessee Prevention Network (TPN) is composed of 19 agencies across Tennessee that provide prevention education for substance abuse.

Youth Screen Assessment

The Tennessee Voices for Children organization provides the Youth Screen assessment tool in schools and detention centers for early identification of mental health, alcohol, drug and physical health risks.